Shiner and  Baseball

[c]2009 by Nolan Carlson. All Rights Reserved

The fourth in the SUMMER & SHINER series is coming soon from VINTAGE EXPRESSIONS!

The SUMMER AND SHINER tale continues in SHINER AND BASEBALL, Part Four. Spring is in the air and all boys' thoughts turn to baseball in Randall, Kansas. The Mustangs haven't won a single game and Mick and the Spiders are making Carley and Troop's lives miserable.

The Mustangs can't hit, they can't catch, and they can't pitch. They need a coach badly. But, would you believe mean-old-man Redburn, the meanest, most cantankerous man in Riley County, would come to their rescue!

Join Carley, Troop, Shiner, and King for adventure, mischief, and fun in SHINER AND BASEBALL!

Boy, does mean-old-man Redburn get even meaner as a baseball coach. And who would guess puny Cecil Miller, the stamp collector, would be a home-run King!











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