Shiner and  Hobo Joe

[c]2009 by Nolan Carlson. All Rights Reserved

The Fifth in the SUMMER AND SHINER series, SHINER AND HOBO JOE, will be available soon from VINTAGE EXPRESSIONS!

The Summer and Shiner series continues in SHINER AND HOBO JOE, part Five. The old "Cat Lady" predicts gloom and doom in Carley's future. Blue Streak, his prized bike, gets a flat tire, a bucket of eggs is dropped and broken. King has a serious accident, and Troop has to leave Randall.

Carley is sure he's "snakebit" until Hobo Joe comes to live with the Bimberg family and proves to him that no one can predict the future. Happy times are ahead!

Join Carley, Troop, King and their new friend, Hobo Joe, in a tale jampacked with adventure and fun in SHINER AND HOBO JOE!

And can you believe that Carley and Troop become Hoboes themselves and "ride the rails"!











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