Shiner's Return

[c]2009 by Nolan Carlson. All Rights Reserved

The second book in the SUMMER & SHINER series!

Travel back with Carley and Troop as they once again dive into adventure, mischief, and fun. Join them in their antics at school, saving Big Louie the giant catfish, having loads of fun and mischief on Halloween, rescuing Shiner from the coonhounds, and much, much more!

Mick, Luke Webster, and Ma and Pa all return. New characters enter Carley's life as well. Miss Botch, Moose Harrigan, and Toby Swanson cause Carley trouble and terror. But the new character you'll grow to admire and love is a dog named KING...

This book will knock the socks off every middle school boy!











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